Explore Offshore November 2018 Newsletter

The Explore Offshore coalition was bustling with activity in November. We held several events in coastal states as well as in the nation’s capital, where the coalition’s co-chairs engaged with policymakers, community leaders, and members of the press.

Our coalition continues to grow – we now count over 170 members along the Atlantic coast and at the national level. Because of your continued support the future of offshore natural gas and oil access is looking bright.

Below are this month’s highlights:

The Truth About Seismic Surveying

On November 30, the Trump Administration took a critical step in the approval process for geophysical surveys off the Atlantic coast which are essential for offshore natural gas and oil exploration. This announcement is one of many steps along a rigorous permitting process. Through seismic surveying, advanced technologies and best practices, we can safely and accurately determine how much natural gas and oil lie beneath the ocean floor without harming sea life.

For more information, check out a recent letter to the editor from Erik Milito, VP Upstream and Industry Operations, American Petroleum Institute and an op-ed from Roger Keyte, former board chairman of the International Association of Geophysical Contractors.

To learn more about how offshore seismic surveys impact marine life, please visit api.org.

Explore Offshore Co-Chair Spotlight: Nat Robertson

Explore Offshore is excited to highlight our esteemed North Carolina State Co-Chair, former Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson.

A businessman by trade, Nat Robertson served eight years on the city council in Fayetteville, North Carolina. In 2013, Robertson was elected Mayor of Fayetteville, where he served honorably for four years implementing pro-growth business policies and supporting new job development.

Through his involvement with Explore Offshore, Robertson brings a unique, local perspective to the benefits of offshore energy issues, passionately promoting how they positively affect growth in North Carolinian communities including new jobs, economic development, and potential new revenues for state and local governments. You can learn more about Nat Robertson and his support for offshore exploration here.

On the Blog: Check Out API’s New Revenue Study

In November, the American Petroleum Institute released results from a new study revealing some remarkable figures about just how much the U.S. economy stands to gain in new federal, state, and local tax revenues as a result of offshore leasing and development in the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and Eastern Gulf of Mexico (EGOM). Our latest blog post highlights these revenue benefits, with some educational state-by-state infographics. Check it out!

In the News

RealClear Energy, “Offshore Energy Essential for US National Security, Economic Prosperity,” By Explore Offshore National Co-Chairs Sen. Jim Webb and Sec. Jim Nicholson, 11/28/18.

Washington Post, “Is Seismic Surveying a Safe Climate Step?” By Erick Milito, VP Upstream and Industry Operations, American Petroleum Institute, 12/7/18.

Sunshine State News, “API’s ‘Explore Offshore’ Campaign Heads to Capitol Hill” By Kevin Derby, 12/3/18.

Oil and Gas Online, “ICYMI: Explore Offshore Hosts Capitol Hill Briefing On U.S. Energy Future,” 11/30/18

Ocala Star Banner, “Offshore Drilling,” by William Richhart, 11/27/18.

Civitas Institute Podcast, Radio interview with NC Chair Nat Robertson, 11/24/18.

The Post and Courier, “Commentary: Explore Offshore coalition is broad and dynamic,” by Explore Offshore SC Chair Steven Gilchrist, 11/23/18.

Morning Show with Preston Scott – 970 WFLA, Radio interview with The Gulf Co-Chair Jeff Kottkamp, 11/14/2018.

Recent Coalition Events

  • Capitol Hill Lunch Briefing on the Future of American Energy: The Importance of Exploring Offshore, 11/28/18. – The event featured Sen. Jim Webb, VA Secretary Jim Nicholson, former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, and Stephen Gilchrist, state chairman of Explore Offshore S.C. and chairman of the S.C. African American Chamber of Commerce – all of whom drew on their expertise in emphasizing the economic and national security benefits of offshore energy.
  • Small Business Roundtable in Bell, FL, 11/30/18 – The Explore Offshore team held a roundtable discussion about offshore exploration’s expected impact on job growth and future economic development for the Florida Panhandle’s small business community.
  • A Conversation and Luncheon with Sen. Jim Webb in Virginia Beach, 11/15/18 – Explore Offshore National Co-Chair Jim Webb headlined a luncheon with local officials and political thought leaders to discuss Virginia’s offshore potential and the expected economic benefits of natural gas and oil exploration and development to local communities.
  • Virginia Beach Veterans BBQ Event, 11/15/18 – Jim Webb joined local veterans from the Hampton Roads area for a BBQ and informal conversation about energy security, military compatibility, and the ample job opportunities available for veterans in the offshore energy industry in Virginia.