Explore Offshore July 2018 newsletter

Since officially launching, we’ve been very active. Here are some of the things we are doing to support offshore energy development and promote its benefits for our nation:

In the News

Our efforts to raise awareness of the importance of exploring our offshore energy resources have been featured in notable national and state media outlets. Here are some of the highlights:

Real Clear Policy, 6/20/2018, “Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Development Drives US Energy and National Security,” by National Co-Chairs Jim Webb and Jim Nicholson

The State, 7/13/18 “How South Carolina can benefit from offshore oil exploration”, By South Carolina Chair Steven Gilchirst

The Tampa Bay Times, 6/20/18 “Let’s explore safe, offshore drilling off Florida’s coast”, Gulf State Co-Chairs Jeff Kottkamp, Miriam Ramirez, & Wayne Harris

Daily Press, 6/20/2018, “Opinion: Exploring our Offshore Energy Resources,” by Virginia Co-Chairs Dels. Winsome Sears and Mike Watson

The Post and Courier, 6/20/18, “Explore our offshore resources”, by South Carolina Chair Steven Gilchrist

North Carolina Business Daily, 6/18/2018, “North Carolina joins Explore Offshore coalition to explore more oil and gas exploration,” by Kasey Schefflin-Emrich

Winston-Salem Journal, 6/8/2018, “Explore Offshore: More and better energy exploration and job creation,” by North Carolina Co-Chair Nat Robertson

Washington Post, 6/7/2018, “The Energy 202: Oil lobby seeks to boost support for offshore drilling despite bipartisan opposition,” by Dino Grandoni

Tampa Bay Times, 6/6/2018, “Oil industry mounts campaign to open up eastern Gulf,” by Alex Leary

The Energy Tomorrow Blog also featured great coverage of our launch.


On The Air

Our co-chairs have been featured in a variety of radio interviews and podcasts spreading the word on offshore energy exploration. Take a listen:

News Radio WFLA, 6/16/2018, “This Week: Jeff Kottkamp.” There are really a couple of things that impact people on a daily basis that we’re talking about here when we’re talking about further exploration off shore. And that means your electricity bill stays affordable; it means that the price at the pump stays affordable; it means that thousands of jobs come to our state that are high paying jobs in the 100,000 plus range. It means millions in tax revenues to help build schools and hire teachers.

Quinlan Report – WPNN AM 790, 6/8/2018, “Florida Co-Chair Wayne Harris.” We had one oil spill in 25 years that I remember. Now, it was disastrous and I don’t want to minimize that effort, but technology has advanced dramatically and I think that that’s been a good thing for us. We learn from our mistakes.

John Fredericks Show, 6/7/2018, “Delegate Mike Watson.” I know there is a lot of discussion, pro con, on whether or not we should be drilling that shore, but certainly I would think that most folks would agree, we need to know what we have and where it’s at. Explore Offshore is intended to do just that.

WPTF AM 680 – Raleigh, 6/6/2018, “Mayor Nat Robertson” None of this is going to affect the way that you and I go to the beach and have a picnic and set up our umbrellas and bury our feet in the sand. You know, what we are talking about is making sure that when you walk into the room, and flip the light switch on, or you go to the gas pump, you know the gas in available and affordable.

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A special thank you to the members of Explore Offshore for supporting this effort.