Explore Offshore August 2018 Newsletter

At the Explore Offshore Coalition, we are excited that we’ve had another active month of advocating for access to our offshore energy. From multiple events in coastal states to numerous media appearances, we are continuing to spread the word about the importance of exploring our offshore resources. Check it out!

Recent Coalition Events

The Explore Offshore Coalition has had a busy month. We’ve had a series of exciting events with a diverse group of stakeholders that are embracing our message. These have allowed us to spread the word about exploring offshore energy resources in key states. A summary of events includes:

  • Explore Offshore Coalition Small Business Roundtable, 8/20/18, Wilmington, NC
  • Richland County Republican Party Event, 8/20/18, Columbia, SC
  • Gulf State Kick Off Press Conference, 8/15/18, Tallahassee, FL
  • Leon County Republican Party Luncheon with National Co-Chair Nicholson, 8/15/18, Tallahassee, FL
  • Building and Trades Conference, 8/13/18, Hampton, VA
  • Richmond Community Leaders/Minority Round Table, 8/7/18, Richmond, VA
  • South Carolina E.O. Kick Off Launch event 7/24/18, Columbia, SC
  • South Carolina E.O. Minority Round Table, 7/24/18, Columbia, SC

Explore Offshore in the News

WECT,  8/20/2018, “Surf shop owner discusses what he says are benefits of offshore drilling exploration,” by Alex Guarino.

Sunshine State News, 8/20/2018 “Explore Offshore Leaders: ‘Millions of Floridians…Very Supportive of Us’,” by Kevin Derby.

FLA News, 8/15/2018, “Coalition seeks to ‘Explore Offshore’ for Natural Gas and Oil.”

Sunshine State News, 8/15/2018, “Explore Offshore Makes Their Case for More Energy Exploration off Florida Coasts,” by Kevin Derby.

The Hill, 8/15/2018, “Oil industry targets Florida in new offshore drilling advocacy push,” by Timothy Cama.

Florida Politics, 8/15/2018, “As deep-sea drilling issue bubbles, ‘Explore Offshore’ to make affirmative case,” by A.G. Gancarski.

WRAL, 8/13/18, “Offshore energy exploration has bipartisan support,” by NC State Co-chair Nat Roberson.

The Revolutionary Act, 8/8/2018, “Environmental Activists Ignore The Strong Case For Offshore Oil Drilling,” by Florida Petroleum Council Executive Director David Mica.

Floridian Press, 8/7/2018, “The Case for Drilling off Florida’s Coast,” by Florida Petroleum Council Executive Director David Mica.

Naples Daily News, 7/18/2018, “LTE: Don’t Permanently Ban Offshore Drilling,” by Florida State Co-chair Jeff Kottkamp.

On the Air

The Chris Ingram Show- WFLA

8/15/18, “National Co-Chair Jim Nicolson.” Secretary Nicholson introduces the coalition and describes how offshore exploration is vital to strengthening U.S. energy security.

The Preston Scott Show- WFLA

8/14/18, “David Mica, Executive Director, Florida Petroleum Council.”
David discusses the bipartisan coalition and offshore exploration’s potential in eastern coastal states.

The Pete Kaliner Show- WWNC

8/8/2018, “North Carolina Co-Chair Nat Robertson.” Pete is joined by Nat Robertson of Explore Offshore, who wants the state to move forward with looking for natural resources off the coast.

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A special thank you to the members of Explore Offshore for supporting this effort.