Why Join Explore Offshore Georgia?

Offshore energy exploration and production could help provide thousands of jobs for Georgia, reliable and affordable energy, and strengthen our national security. The last assessment of the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf was over thirty years ago. The advanced technology we have today will allow us to accurately and safely examine what offshore energy resources exist off Georgia. Let’s not miss out on this important economic and energy opportunity.


Exploring Offshore is safer than ever thanks to technological advances and enhanced industry standards.


Economy & Jobs

Exploring our offshore resources could create more than 4,000 high-paying jobs and bring billions to our state.


National Security

The ability to develop at home energy resources is critical to ensuring our national security and reducing dependence on foreign countries.


What is Explore Offshore?

Explore Offshore is a new bipartisan coalition dedicated to safe and environmentally responsible access to our offshore energy resources to help supply affordable energy for American consumers, small businesses and manufactures.