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Our coalition continues to grow – we now count over 200 members from Atlantic and Gulf Coast states and at the national level. In 2019, we will continue to engage local communities and policymakers, spreading awareness on the importance of offshore energy exploration, and recruiting even more local community leaders, businesses and organizations to help us in our mission.

On the Blog: What Louisiana Can Tell Virginia About Safe Offshore Development

A group of Virginia business and industry leaders recently visited coastal Louisiana communities to get a clear picture on how safe, responsible offshore natural gas and oil development benefits local communities and boosts its local economy. The trip showed that safe and responsible offshore energy has touched many areas in Louisiana – from research programs to environmental resiliency projects.

Gulf Coast states like Louisiana have hosted offshore natural gas and oil industry for decades, and the Bayou State is a shining example of how offshore energy development can boost state and local economies by creating jobs while advancing the United States’ energy security.

Trip highlights include visits to the  LSU Center for River Studies in Baton Rouge and the Shell Command Center in New Orleans, as well as meetings with environmental regulators, members of the state legislative black caucus, business owners, the executive director of the Water Campus, and representatives of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association and the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.

To read more about the visit, click here.

Seismic Surveying: 80 Years of Safety and Success

What is seismic surveying and why should we care about it? This technologically-advanced process helps the offshore energy industry accurately pinpoint the best locations for new development, reducing the need for multiple test wells and thus minimizing environmental impact.  Many don’t know that seismic surveys have been implemented safely and successfully for more than 80 years.

Moreover, recent studies confirm that seismic testing does not harm marine animals or coastal communities. It is highly regulated, and the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) provides careful oversight to keep seismic operations safe. BOEM’s chief environmental officer during the Obama administration wrote that there “has been no documented scientific evidence” of seismic testing adversely affecting marine animal populations or coastal communities.

As supporter of offshore energy exploration and development, we encourage you to share this fact sheet with your friends and colleagues to help guide the conversation on seismic surveys and address any potential misconceptions.

Explore Offshore Co-Chair Spotlight: Mike Watson

A former member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 93rd District, Mike Watson joined Explore Offshore’s leadership as the Virginia Chair to help promote the expected statewide job creation and revenue benefits that would accompany offshore natural gas and oil development off the coast of Virginia.

Prior to serving in the state legislature, Watson founded Control Automation Technologies Corporation, an industrial controls business with locations in Virginia and North Carolina. An entrepreneur and successful businessman, Watson knows that resources produced from offshore development – additional supplies of natural gas and oil for energy and raw material for manufacturing – can provide significant benefit for Virginia businesses. He righty advocates that when Virginia’s small businesses are able prosper and grow due to their access to affordable energy, they’re able to hire more Virginians benefiting the entire Commonwealth.

We’re grateful for his leadership on offshore energy, and we appreciate his work to build a stronger, more diversified Virginia economy for decades to come.

To learn more about Watson’s work with the Explore Offshore coalition, check out his recent op-ed which sheds light on the necessity of seismic surveying and discusses the important role it plays in America’s strategic energy picture.

In the News

  • Entergy Tomorrow Blog, “What Louisiana Can Tell Virginia About Safe Offshore Development,” By API Contributor Mark Green, 1/10/19
  • FITSNews, “Offshore Insanity,” By Will Folks, 1/8/2019
  • Free Lance Star, “Reasons why Virginians should support seismic testing,” By Explore Offshore VA Chair Mike Watson, 1/7/2019
  • Sunshine State News, “Seismic Testing for Energy is Safe, Will Benefit Florida,” By Florida Petroleum Council Executive Director Dave Mica, 1/4/2019. This article also ran in Dayton Beach News-Journal and Florida News Online.
  • WLQM, “Coffee and Conversation with Dave West,” Interview with National Co-Chair Jim Nicholson, 12/17/18.
  • WJFN, “Virginia Free Radio with Chris Saxman: Offshore Exploration,” Interview with National Co-Chair Secretary Jim Nicholson, 12/17/2018
  • Explore Offshore Blog, “Safe Seismic Surveying: A Critical Step in Offshore Energy Exploration,” 12/14/18.

Recent Coalition Events

  • Richmond Republican Professionals Network meeting with Explore Offshore VA Chair Mike Watson, 1/14/19
  • Hampton Roads Veterans Employment Center event with Explore Offshore National Co-Chair Sec. Jim Nicholson, 12/17/18
  • Hampton Roads Republican Professionals Network holiday reception with National Co-Chair Sec. Jim Nicholson, 12/17/18
  • Florida Hispanic Leaders Event, Orlando, FL, with The Gulf Co-Chair Dr. Miriam Ramirez and Florida Petroleum Council Executive Director Dave Mica, 12/10/18

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