Explore Offshore, a project of the American Petroleum Institute, is a national coalition that supports offshore energy exploration and production to help supply affordable energy for American consumers, small businesses, and manufacturers. This coalition has brought together small businesses, local associations, and veterans groups in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia to voice support for offshore energy exploration and production that can increase jobs, investments, and reliable, safe, and affordable energy. Our coastal states rely on accessible and affordable energy every day to do everything from cooking dinner to heating their households and businesses, and commuting to and from work.

The Explore Offshore coalition is co-chaired by former Secretary of the Navy and former Democratic Virginia Senator Jim Webb and former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson.



Former Secretary of the Navy and Democratic Senator from Virginia Jim Webb, Explore Offshore Co-Chairman: “This is a much-needed, commonsense step for America’s energy future.  Energy security is national security, and domestic energy production is a key contributor to a healthy national economy.  Oil and natural gas are the key drivers of the world’s economies.  We remain vulnerable in an expanding global economy marked by ever-growing energy needs.  In its move toward an “all of the above” energy policy, America needs to correct a timeworn oversight and modernize the unnecessarily restrictive approach to the exploration and safe development of oil and national gas resources that lie offshore.  Technology, drilling techniques and industry standards have all changed greatly since these restrictions were put into place.  Our national policies should mirror the significant advances that have been made in these areas, for the good of our national security and of our economy.”

Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson, Explore Offshore Co-Chairman: “This is an important moment for the future of U.S. energy and national security. With 94 percent of the Outer Continental Shelf currently off-limits to exploration and development, and demand for natural gas and oil expected to rise, we must take this opportunity to increase our domestic energy reserves. Domestic energy sources are critical to reliable and affordable energy for U.S. consumers, as well as an important source of energy for our military operations and ensuring that we don’t continue to rely on foreign adversaries for our energy. Offshore oil and natural gas development in the U.S. also provides important, higher-paying job opportunities for our veterans across the country.”

Our mission is to unite supporters of safe and environmentally responsible offshore energy exploration and development and to promote its importance to our nation’s economy and U.S. energy security.